If you don’t believe in your own


why should others?


that matter, sell & inspire

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could get your audience interested & wanting to know more about you/your biz in a nutshell? How liberating would it be to tell people why your product/service rocks without sounding sleazy? Well, let me tell you there is a way to do this with ease.

But first, be honest with me for a sec, how do you feel when you see other people show up online and share their knowledge/stories with ease? 😨

a) Think HOW THE F@*& is she doing that?

b) Wish you could do the same?

c) Have a car monologue on how you would like to talk about that topic?

d) All of the above 😳

If any of this sounds familiar, then this 4-day video training is just what you need to start crafting stories that matter, sell & inspire!



Are you feeling stuck? Don’t know how to improve your marketing / communications game? I know there’s a lot more you could bring to the table, but I also know you have no clue where to start…

That’s why I created these sessions, to help you creatively solve your problems. Let’s come up with amazing strategies & bring your wildest ideas to life, together 🦄..

Sometimes all you need is a little perspective. And as a natural-born problem-solver, ENFP, aquarius and creative junkie, I LIVE to connect the (sometimes seamless) dots!

Think of me as your Outsourced Creative Director 😉.

Uncertain about your content? Time to bring out the magic.

Unsure about your sales page? Let’s simplify it together!

Need to pivot, bounce around ideas, or help creating new strategies? GuuuuRL! I’ve got you!



Isn’t it frustrating? Knowing your incredible at what you do but also knowing that your website isn’t reflecting your awesomeness in the slightest bit?

And don’t even get me started in the fact that that tons of potential clients are not getting the clear message of why they should be lining up to work with you? Ugh! I know. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Web copy can break or make a deal! But you already know this, or should I say your conversion rate does. So, why not put your heart and soul and create the magnetic / authentic website your brand deserves? One that helps you connect and convert with ease.

I believe it’s time to honor your talents and create the badass website that helps your audience see who you really are!

I’ve created this program to help you clarify your message and sexify your web. (Cue for Marky Mark’s “Good Vibrations” here 🤣)

It’s time to focus on what you do best and let your web copy do the selling for you.



This is where my WOO side comes to life! But don’t worry, it’s my own no-fluff way to help you rediscover intuition, love, and magic!

During 9-weeks, I’ll accompany you through my unique framework where you’ll try different techniques that will help you uncover your most authentic version & transform your own life story.

Why? Cause after trying more than 100 healing techniques myself, I realized that the most important thing to heal was the story I was telling myself!

You see, no matter how much journaling and how many uplifting affirmations you listen to, as as long as you feel ashamed, avoidant, or unhappy with your life story, nothing’s gonna change.

So what do you say? Are you ready to shift the narrative and become the heroine of your story?



If you’re here, it’s probably ’cause despite having hired some of the best coaches, implemented all the done-for-you strategies, and having all the right systems in place, you still struggle to communicate clearly and authentically online. Am I right?

Well lucky for you, I LOVE teaching others how to start taking advantage of your best-untapped assets: YOUR STORIES!

I’m here to help you unleash the storyteller within you and show you how tu show up as your real self. But first, you gotta give me eight weeks of your time.

Trust me, your life – business – energy will thank you for this! How about we start untangling the stories that deserve to be told and help you start showing up unapologetically online?


It was a wonderful experience working with Ele! She is very talented and great at what she does.

She helped me take a very seemingly complicated business and translated it into a compelling brand story that accurately and clearly captures my message.

Love the end product. The new story is what I’ve been trying to articulate but have not been able to achieve before working with her.

In addition, the process of working together was comprehensive, structured, with great communication throughout. If you’re looking for someone to help capture the uniqueness of your brand, look no further!


When I decided to start my coaching programs, the thing I struggled with the most was writing my website content.

After working for the Navy for 38 years, my writing lacked emotion and feeling. So I decided to work with Ele to help me find my unique voice. 

What I like about Ele is that she didn’t write my copy for me, although she easily could’ve! Instead she taught me how to write it myself, so I could confidently do it over and over again.

Ele was patient and she guided me as I struggled to express myself, especially my feelings. But it was all worth it as now I can tell my story in a personable & authentic way.

Now, whenever I need to write, I reflect back on the coaching I received from her. Ele’s insightful feedback helped me improve my writing notoriously!


I found Ele in the perfect time when I was rebranding my website and relaunching my services. I knew what I wanted to say but I was struggling to untangle all the messages I had in my head.

She has a special ability to spot what needs to be brought to light. Through specific questions and techniques to dig deeper, she got to the core of what I wanted to say as an Empathy Expert.

She is sharp, communicative, and empathic which was a plus for me.

Using a tough-love (no BS) style and specific suggestions on what the next steps were to build my brand, she helped me organize my ideas and focus on my message.

Ele is a brand guru and I’m thankful to have crossed paths with her!


Elena was a joy to work with.

She helped me get clear around my brand and develop a brand voice that feels authentic and true to me.

It saved me a big amount of time to work with her instead of trying to do the work myself.

She helped me to pull out nuggets of wisdom and package it all in a way that’s even better than I imagined!


The attention Elena gave us was top-notch!

She got very quickly what we wanted to showcase with the brand and worked upon that goal. Her ability to bring storytelling into our brand was simply amazing!

She helped us craft a story behind the brand, making it authentic and noteworthy at the same time!

She has an innate ability to transform concepts into brand stories, making them shine for its authentic and emotional values.

Her process helped understand the power of connection and community within our brand.


Elena is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to storytelling!

I was absolutely blown away when I hired her. I cannot tell you how much time and effort this process has saved me when it comes to writing copy and speaking to my ideal client.

I can honestly say you are doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t utilize Elena’s incredible talents!!!

Going through this process with her will open you up in ways you never imagined and help you really tap into who you are and why you do what you do!

You’ll walk away with a burning desire to move your business forward and will have the most incredible tools to help you achieve massive success!

This is what I know…

Yes, showing up may seem scary, and thinking about what others may think is daunting. But aren’t you tired of seeing others live your dreams while you’re still holding back out of fear?

I used to be like this too. Fearful. But I got tired of not showing up as my real self, of letting old stories determine my life and trying to achieve other people’s standards of success.

I knew I had a bigger purpose than being a trophy wife, work on a meaningless job, or please other people just to survive/fit in. I knew I had to change, step up, and embrace the unique leader I was born to be. And I’m grateful I did! ‘Cause I no longer live with the dreadful “What if,” tapping my shoulder every day, and I get to help amazing leaders like you do the same!

I know you may be thinking that your stories are not worth sharing, but what you don’t realize is that your story can become the guide for someone else to heal, grow or believe again, and THAT itself makes your story worth telling!


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