Hi there!

Welcome to

my E! True Hollywood Story ?

I mean… My About Page!

I was born in beautiful Costa Rica. The youngest of 3 kids, creative, a bit of a loner, but happy as a hippo! (Remember that movie? ?)

I used to spend my days climbing trees, painting, singing, and reenacting my favorite Disney movies in front of the TV. I guess I’ve always been a sucker for stories. But my favorite thing to do was to read my grandmother’s books and daydream of the adventures I’d one day have.

It felt good being me… until I started growing up. ??‍♀️

You see, that’s when I started being “the different one,” “the one you shouldn’t hang out with” and mixing all that with my abandonment issues… let’s just say it wasn’t a nice cocktail to have. So scared of rejection, I started dimming my light and making my best effort to fit in.

The problem is I got SO GOOD at transforming myself into whatever the other person wanted that it became dangerously natural. ??‍♀️

Like any other person, I had a lot of ups and downs, I was succeeding in some areas and failing in others. But it wasn’t until a scary domestic violence episode that it finally hit me: I was living a life I had NEVER dreamt of!

By the time my son was born, I was so used to changing who I was to adapt, fit in, and survive, that I no longer remembered what I really wanted. But what I did know is I didn’t want the life I was living.

So I left my abusive partner and decided to start again from scratch.⚡️

I gotta say I was surprised, but the most remarkable thing of all was that as soon as I clicked SHARE, I felt an immediate sense of freedom, peace, and power. As cliche, as it may sound, that moment changed my life. ?

Claiming my story was exactly the medicine I needed! And I also learned that daring to share your truth inspires others to do the same.✨

That’s when after a lot of healing and more Ben & Jerry’s than I’d like to admit ?, I was finally ready to create a new career path for myself, combining my passions, and empowering other women to be themselves too.

That’s how I became a Storytelling Mentor.

Now, I’m here to help other women reignite their voices, articulate their awesomeness & share their own stories,  ‘cause the world needs more authentic, empowered, and thriving women. And my favorite part of it all? Together, we inspire MORE women to do the same! ??

But enough about me, now it’s your turn to share your story. ‘Cause, you landed here for a reason, and I believe it’s because you, too, know that you deserve to be the version of yourself whom others get inspired by. Right? 

So how about we start attracting the soul-aligned clients/deals/life you deserve? Let’s do this! ♥️


you should know about me:

1. I’m raising a beautiful 12-year-old boy! #boymom ?‍?

2. I’ve been in the marketing industry for over 10 years and have worked for cool brands like Lenovo, Lionsgate, and Selina. ?‍♀️

3. I’m also a Yoga Teacher and Akashic Records Reader, so you can expect just the right amount of woo from me! ?

4. Before ? I used to travel a lot! Been to 20 countries and counting!

5. I have a no BS, straightforward & authentic approach to sales & marketing ??

6. I think I’m allergic to lactose, but I’m not ready to let go of pizza yet ?

7. I’m obsessed with TikTok, books, cats & memes #eldermillenial ?

8. I love life! And even though I’ve been through rough patches, I can’t help to laugh my way through life! ♥️